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Reserving the Right to Object

PA Turnpike Fast Facts

Pennsylvania Turnpike Fast Facts for April 30, 2008:
The Yellow Brick Road Really is Gold


Since the government of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is a representative democracy, its public policy should reflect public opinion over time. In the case of selling or leasing the Turnpike, public opinion is crystal-clear. A convincing majority of state residents are opposed to these ideas.

In fact, there are few public policy questions that manifest such clear-cut and unquestioned majority support. Susquehanna Polling & Research conducted a survey across the Commonwealth from April 12 to April 17, 2007. (Susquehanna Polling & Research has no affiliation or connection to Susquehanna Valley Center for Public Policy.) This poll was commissioned by the Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association, and it surveyed 800 registered state voters.

The poll discovered that Pennsylvanians of all political parties, ideologies, genders, and ages oppose a proposed sale or a long-term lease of the Turnpike.32 Rarely does such an issue unite Keystone State residents. The survey also found that the majority of state residents reject the argument that revenues gained from a lease agreement would help avoid a state tax increase and that private sector operation of the Turnpike would result in more efficient operation of the roadway.

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